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Fear Zero has released 4 albums, sold thousands of CDs in Canada, toured Canada twice, Western Canada several times, and sold thousands of downloads through Itunes.

The band has had music placed in network television (NBC), opened for some of the biggest artists in Canada (Randy Bachman, Tom Cochrane, Nazareth), and had videos played on MuchMusic (Breathe Again, Are You There).

They have had multiple singles played on radio stations all across Canada, and have been featured in millions of newspapers and all of this while remaining fiercely independent of management or labels.

From the BDS top forty success of the their self titled debut in 2003 right up to the current single “Running Red Lights,” Fear Zero has maintained a level of quality in their music that few independent bands ever reach.

Jim Vallance once said of Fear Zero, “You’ve got a great band … Awesome … World class.” Fear Zero is currently planning shows in Canada for 2014.

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