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If you’ve never hear of Vancouver recording artists Fear Zero, here are a few links to help catch you up to speed!

“I think you’ve got a great band and I think they deserve a shot. Awesome … World class” – Jim Vallance. More Press

Originally released as part of their 2007 release “In Lights”, “Breathe Again”  lit up the charts at popular rock destination Garageband.com and is part of the new album Whole Damn Nation.

The track “Falling Down” was awarded “Judges Choice” in the Punisher: War Zone movie soundtrack contest by the folks at Lionsgate Entertainment.

When developing the new tracks for Whole Damn Nation, the management of Fear Zero asked frontman Ed Sadler to show us his musical prowess; the result was the guitar solo Octane, which echoed some of Sadler’s favorite guitar solos including the likes of Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen.

Ed Sadler & Fear Zero Biography

fear zero whole damn nationIf it’s true that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, than Fear Zero has taken its name wisely.

“Fear Zero doesn’t mean fear,” insists leader Ed Sadler, “It’s sort of an anti-fear. Don’t be afraid of taking chances.

Fear Zero’s new album, Whole Damn Nation, is an example of chance taking. It incorporates a wide variety of styles from hard rock to simple pop to reggae.

Although Sadler grew up listening to rock and metal, a few years at Capilano College taught him to accept all kinds of music. Not to fear it but to follow instincts.

“I would say it comes from a place that is a love for music,” Sadler adds. “I tried to write songs that made me happy. It’s just ideas. You collect ideas as time goes on. If it’s a good idea, I’m all for it. If one were a genius, they might have an iron fist, but to me all that matters is whatever makes the song better.”

Thus Fear Zero has developed. Although there has been a Fear Zero for six years, it has taken time for Sadler to realize his ambition. “It was my project.” The guitarist recounts. “I wanted to start a band. In the early days, I’d write a song but I didn’t know where it was going. Eventually, I zeroed in on a direction.”

The first Fear Zero release was virtually a one-man do-it-yourself undertaking. Sadler had the songs but didn’t yet have a band. He hired the musicians, did the radio tracking, handled the distribution, and the bookings.

Ed Sadler“Finding players that are on the same wavelength was tough. My technique has been honed by my jazz experience so I was trying to find guys who were technically good and could do their own thing.”

Who else is Fear Zero? Vocalist Ryan and bassist Kelsey from Victoria, and drummer Ricardo from Vancouver.

“I basically knew what I wanted,” says Sadler. “I did the arranging and called upon much of my musical experience. The album is a fair representation of the band. It shows what they can do. It incorporates a lot of the elements I was interested in. Anywhere I can get my hands dirty on the creative side of things is where I want to go.”

Which means following his instinct without fear….

Sadler set out to make the album he always dreamed of making with the help of a couple of Victoria investors, “’Without whom this CD would not have been possible’ is an understatement,” Sadler says of the liner notes in the new CD.

“We were able to work with guys like Mike Fraser (ACDC, Aerosmith, Hinder) and Darren Grahn (Metallica, Crossfade, Third Eye Blind) and let me tell you, when you get to record in a famous and great sounding room such as Hippowest (formerly Mushroom), it just inspires you to play and write in the best way possible.”

The band began taking a bold direction in 2008 building up to the digital release of Whole Damn Nation by making its presence felt online leading up to a physical album release in 2010.

With lots of buzz building and plenty of news and surprises in the coming months, make sure you stay tuned to fearzero.com!

You can subscribe to updates through our RSS feed, join the street team at Reverbnation, and even follow Ed’s personal updates at Twitter.

And if you haven’t done so yet, download the album Whole Damn Nation

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