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Hey everyone, just got a good head start on my studio tan.  Sorry the blog is late but we have been working like dogs for  days now getting final pre-production done on the new tracks.

Pre-pro is where the producer comes in and basically changes any song arrangements that need to be changed (minimally on these songs thank goodness) and then goes through drum arrangements to make sure every fill, every groove, every nuance of the drum track is exactly what the song needs.  Very time consuming and boring at times but very necessary for the final quality of the drum track.  Gone are the days of drinking all day, heading to the studio at midnight to pop some acid then record a whole album in one take.  Recording is a science now.

Tony, Fear Zero’s drummer extaordinaire came down to Armoury Studios Monday and we tracked 5 songs over the course of a 16 hour day.  He was sweating let me tell ya but he did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with the final results and I am sure you will be too!  We videotaped some performances and I will post them here soon.

Thursday the next phase begins.  We are heading to Soundwave studio in Surrey to record guitars, keys, and vocals over a 4 day period on 5 songs.  Nothing like doing five sixteen hour days to get that studio tan sheen going! 

Once this is done, we head to Victoria for a couple of big shows at Western Speedway (our first in over a year) then back to the studio to mix the songs in late August.

Well, looking forward to letting you hear the new material and till then adios!



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