Road Stories #2 - The less I say... - Fear Zero
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taco timeSo a while back I wrote about the difficulties of a traveling band on tour in Canada.

The day after day travel mixed with the terrible food (Taco Time anyone?) and lack of sleep makes it very easy to get sick especially when you are putting demands on your voice every single night.

One such instance literally landed me in the hospital!

We were about 3/4 of the way through our tour schedule that spring and had played around 25 shows.  We had 6 nights in a row in Eastern Canada and on about day 3 in a row, I caught a nasty cold.  Trouble is, we were about to play in Fredericton where we had a decent amount of airplay and not only that, we were actually getting paid a somewhat fair wage for the 2 nights were scheduled to play.

Some vocal teachers recommend total rest when the infection is in or around your upper chest but we could not afford to miss these shows, after all, we had travelled thousands of kms and this was one of the towns we really looked forward to playing.

I felt like dogshit but I went on like a trooper anyway and we played about 5 songs, my voice croaking the whole time.  I ended up letting my emotions get the best of me since I knew I could do so much better if I was healthy.  I decided on the spot during an angry section of the last song to let loose with a scream Dave Grohl would be proud of.  Immediately following this, I felt something snap in my larynx.  Not good!

I cancelled the show after that and did not speak for the rest of the evening or the next day.  We made it through the next night but my voice was clearly damaged and never recovered from that point on til the end of the tour.

After getting off the road, I took a rest for a while but my throat stayed gravelly and now it was getting really sore to talk.  Finally after suffering with a sore throat for months, I decided to hit up the local ENT to find out what the hell was going on.

Next time I will tell you what he said…

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