Shooting rock videos - Fear Zero
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Hello again everyone!

Recently Fear Zero shot a couple of rock videos for release with our CD in the (hopefully) near future.  I just wanted to talk about the experience, maybe destroy a few myths and let you know what it is really like.

We have shot 4 videos now bearing the Fear Zero name.  If you are a fan you have only seen one of those so far and there is a reason.  Shooting a video is a bit of an art.  On top of trying to capture the essence of the song in the form of a storyline, you have to also capture the image that the band is trying to project.  If you are doing the videos independently like we do, that can be a real challenge considering the fact that most videos you see on VH1/Muchmusic cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Two years ago we shot 2 videos for songs from our last CD “In Lights” for the songs “Breathe Again” and “Broken, Still Hoping.”  The reason you have not viewed the second one is that it just did not turn out right.  We spent thousands on it and the director just did not capture what we wanted so we had to scrap it.  We did this video through a third party and trusted them with organizing it and getting it to look right.  For this reason I recommend bands do as much as you can yourselves from storyline to location, get it right in your minds and it should turn out better than if you just trust someone that had nothing to do with the project.

Anyway, these last 2 videos we shot we did all on our own with help of course from friends that are close to the project.  The footage we captured is a million times better and we have what we think will end up being 2 great vids.

Next time I will write about what a day on a video shoot is like since this is turning into a bit of a novel.

Thanks for reading and I will be back with another installment soon.

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One thought on “Shooting rock videos

  • May 14, 2009 at 11:45 am

    I can imagine it’s a lot harder then people think – especially if you’re doing it on your own. Looking forward to seeing vids for the new stuff!


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