The plan - Fear Zero
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Hey, hope you all had a great summer like I did!  I just got back from San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.  Great city, cool sites!

The 2 Fear Zero shows in August went quite well, considering it was the first time all 4 of us have ever graced a stage together in over a year.  We performed a mix of old tunes and new ones to a couple of crowds over 1,000 which was pretty damn cool!  Hopefully we can snag a nice tour with a bigger act so we can get out and play some more.

I am hard at work these days finishing  up producing the new Fear Zero stuff and we head in to mix Sept. 14 so we will hopefully have this long overdue music available by October or so.

The new tunes are as follows:

Never Forget

Five Years Disappeared

Led Heart

Are You There

No Way To Die

Can’t wait till it is done!

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